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A fractal is an object exhibiting self similarity on different scales that can be related mathematically. Fractals have the characteristic feature that one can "zoom in" repeatedly and always see additional detail similar to what one saw before zooming in. Iteration, the process at the heart of fractals, is the repetition of a series of steps over and over to achieve an ever more detailed or more accurate result.

Other than tessellations, fractals is probably the branch of mathematics that has the greatest esthetic appeal. Dr. Fathauer is particularly interested in combining fractals and tessellations, a union that has only been touched on by other artists. Over time he has discovered numerous geometric fractal tessellations, and he has adapted some of these designs to lifelike tilings in the spirit of M.C. Escher. While most fractal art is generated using computer algorithms, Fathauer's fractal constructs are generated by graphical iteration. This allows him to create distinct and more directed structures.

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