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Tessellations company website
Mathartfun , an online store offering Dr. Fathauer's books and selected prints
Dr. Fathauer's Compendium of Fractal Tilings
Dr. Fathauer's Compendium of Fractal Knots
Bridges and Joint Mathematics Meetings Exhibitions of Mathematical Art

Videos and articles
Article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences about mathematical sculptors, including Dr. Fathauer
Dr. Fathauer is interviewed about the 2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings Exhibition of Mathematical Art
Short video about Dr. Fathauer's exhibit at Eger University (in Hungarian)
An article from Inside Science about Leonardo da Vinci's tree growth rule that mentions Dr. Fathauer's fractal trees
An article on Scientic American's website about the Bridges 2012 Art Exhibition that was curated by Dr. Fathauer and Prof. Chris Bartlett
"Mathematical Masterpieces: Making Art From Equations", an article on the Bridges 2013 Art Exhibition, features the work of eight artists, including Dr. Fathauer

R.W. Fathauer, "Sculptural Forms Based on Radially-developing Fractal Curves;" in the Proceedings of the 2017 Bridges Conference
R.W. Fathauer, "Crested Cactuses and Mathematical Sculpture;" to be published in the Proceedings of the 2022 Bridges Conference
R. Fathauer and N. Friedman, "Slot Canyons: Form, Space, Light, Color;" in Hyperseeing, 2011.